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Can I use my credit card to get cash at a store?

Can I Use My Credit Card to Get Cash at a Store? Exploring Cash Advances and Alternatives


In the realm of modern finance, credit cards have evolved from simple payment tools to versatile financial instruments. While they are primarily used for purchases, credit cards also offer the convenience of obtaining cash when needed. This article aims to demystify the concept of using a credit card to get cash at a store. We'll delve into the process of cash advances, explore their benefits and drawbacks, and highlight alternative options for obtaining cash.

Understanding Cash Advances

A credit card cash advance is a transaction that allows you to withdraw cash from your credit card's available credit line. Essentially, it's borrowing money against your credit limit, similar to taking out a short-term loan. Cash advances can be obtained from ATMs or over-the-counter at participating stores, and the process usually involves entering a PIN (Personal Identification Number) associated with your credit card.

How Does a Cash Advance Work?

Cash Limit: Your credit card has a credit limit for purchases and a separate cash limit for cash advances. The cash limit is typically a percentage of your overall credit limit and is often lower than the purchase limit.

Fees and Interest: Cash advances come with various fees. These may include a cash advance fee (a percentage of the withdrawn amount), ATM fees, and interest charges. Interest on cash advances tends to be higher than the interest on regular purchases and starts accruing immediately.

Repayment: Cash advances are usually subject to a higher interest rate and don't have a grace period. This means interest starts accruing immediately, and there's no "interest-free period" as with regular purchases. Paying off a cash advance promptly is crucial to minimize interest costs.

Benefits of Cash Advances

Emergency Cash: Cash advances can be useful in emergencies when you need quick access to funds and don't have other options available.

No Credit Check: Cash advances don't typically require a credit check since you're borrowing against your available credit limit.

Convenience: If you're in a location where card payments aren't accepted but you need cash, a cash advance can provide a solution.

Drawbacks of Cash Advances

High Costs: Cash advances are costly due to fees and high-interest rates. The combination of these factors can make them an expensive form of borrowing.

Interest Accrual: Unlike regular credit card purchases, interest on cash advances starts accruing immediately. This can lead to a quick build-up of debt if the balance isn't paid off promptly.

Negative Impact on Credit Score: High cash advance balances relative to your credit limit can negatively impact your credit utilization ratio and, consequently, your credit score.

Alternatives to Cash Advances

Debit Card Withdrawal: If you have a debit card linked to your checking account, you can use it to withdraw cash from ATMs without incurring cash advance fees or high-interest rates.

Cashback at Point of Sale: Many retailers offer the option to get cash back when making a purchase with your debit card. This allows you to obtain a small amount of cash without using an ATM.

Personal Loans: If you need a larger amount of cash, a personal loan from a bank or online lender might offer more favourable terms compared to a cash advance.

Emergency Fund: Building and maintaining an emergency fund can provide you with a financial safety net, reducing the need for costly cash advances in emergencies.

Line of Credit: If you have an existing line of credit, such as a home equity line of credit (HELOC), it might offer more favourable terms than a credit card cash advance.


While credit cards can provide the convenience of obtaining cash through cash advances, they come with high costs and potential drawbacks. It's important to understand the fees, interest rates, and repayment terms associated with cash advances before deciding to use this option. Whenever possible, exploring alternatives like debit card withdrawals, cashback at point of sale, or personal loans can help you access funds more affordably. Responsible financial management and a solid emergency fund can significantly reduce the need for costly cash advance transactions, ensuring your financial stability in times of need.


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