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National stock exchange-Basic

National stock exchange, Known as NSE
A market is a place where the exchange of goods and services takes place between buyer and seller, similarly, the stock exchange is a market where stock transactions (goods or services) are exchanged between two individuals.
The National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE), is a Mumbai-based stock exchange.It was incorporated in November 1992 as a tax-paying company. In April 1993, it was recognized as a stock exchange under the Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act, 1956.

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It provides facilities that serve as a model for the securities industry in terms of trading systems, practices, and procedures. It has been set up as a public limited company owned by the leading financial institutions, banks, insurance companies, and other financial intermediaries of India, but its management and ownership are separate entities. NSE is a stock exchange in India where membership on an exchange also meant ownership of the exchange and management is under the control of the Board of Directors. The day to day management of the Exchange is delegated to the Managing Director who is supported by a team of professional staff


NSE uses satellite communication technology to energies participation from around 400 cities in India

NSE the first exchange to trade ETFs(exchange-traded funds) in India

NSE can handle up to 1 million trades per day.

It is one of the largest interactive VSAT based stock exchanges in the world.

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The NSE- network is the largest private wide area network in India and the first extended C- Band VSAT network in the world.

Presently more than 9000 users are trading on the real-time-online NSE application.

In ,march 2006,NSE had a market capitalization of 4,380,774 crore

It covers more than 1500 cities across India


Futures and Options
Retail Debt Market
Wholesale Debt Market

NSE offers trading of a variety of types of securities, including equity, corporate debt, central and state government securities, commercial. NSE specializes in three market segments: wholesale debt, capital market (automated screen-based trading system), and futures and options (derivatives paper, and certificates of deposit).
Branches of NSE are located throughout the country, which gives flexibility to its member to transact from places of their own choice through online screen operation and electronic clearing and settlement. It is because of this reason NSE becomes the third-largest stock exchange in the world in terms of volume of transactions.

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