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How much money you can withdraw from Post Office Savings Scheme

 Post Office Savings Scheme: Change the rules of the Post Office Savings Scheme, find out how much money you can withdraw now
How much money you can withdraw from Post Office Savings Scheme
How much money you can withdraw from Post Office Savings Scheme

There is good news for those who have an account at the post office. India Post has increased the withdrawal limit for its subscribers. With this change, India Post can compete with the rest of the banks and their savings planning schemes. Under the new rules of India Post, account holders can now withdraw up to Rs 20,000 a day at the Grameen Postal Service branch. Earlier, the withdrawal limit was Rs 50,000. India Post has said in its new guidelines that no branch or postmaster will accept cash deposits of more than Rs 50,000 a day. This means more than Rs 50,000 in cash can be transacted in one day.

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According to the new rules of India Post, it will be deposited or withdrawn through Public Provident Fund, Senior Citizen Savings Scheme, Monthly Income Scheme, Kisan Bikash Patra, National Check.

There will be a fine for keeping less than Rs 500

Explain that 4% interest is paid on Post Office Savings Scheme. Account-holders should know that they need to keep a minimum of Rs.500 in their Post Office Savings Scheme account. However, if the balance is less than Rs.500 / -, Rs.100 / - will be deducted as an account maintenance penalty.

List of Post Office Savings Schemes

5-year post office recurring deposit account

Post Office Fixed Deposit Account

Post Office Monthly Income Scheme Account

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Senior Citizen Savings Scheme

15 years Public Provident Fund Account

Sukanya Samrudhi account

National Savings Certificate

Kisan Bikash Patra

Interest rates are available on post office savings schemes

Post Office Savings Account: 4%

1 year TD account: 5.5%

2 year TD account: 5.5%

5 year TD account: 6.7%

5 year RD: 5.8%

Senior Citizen Savings Scheme: 7.4%

PPF: 7.1%

Kisan Bikash Patra: 9.9%

Sukanya Samridhi Account: 7.6%

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