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How To Deal With(A) Very Bad STOCK MARKET BASICS


Financial markets provide its participants with the most favorable conditions for buying/selling financials. They have tools inside. Its main functions are: Guaranteed liquidity, built into asset prices. Establishment and reduction of supply and demand. Operating expenses by its market participants. There are different types of instruments in the financial market, so it is. The effectiveness depends entirely on the organized equipment. Usually it is. Can be classified according to financial type. Tools and equipment were paid for as per the terms. wear a variety of equipment

The market can be divided into promissory notes and A security (stock market). The first one is included. Promissory note with the rights of the holders. fixed amount in future and obliging the latter is called the promissory note market. Paying a fixed amount as per the issuer. Returns received after payment of all promissory notes. And this is called stock market. There are also types. Both categories refer to securities, such as preference shares and convertible bonds. They are also called fixed return instruments.

Another classification is due to loan repayment terms. The machines are: the highly liquid asset market (money market) and the capital market. The first refers to the short-term commitment of the market focus with the asset. up to 12 months of age. The second refers to the market. Long term promissory note with instruments 1 2 months before due. This classification can be referred to for bonds. As a sole market its instruments have a fixed expiry date, however there is no stock market.

As mentioned earlier, purchasers of common shares. Usually the company-issuer and invests its own funds. Receiving. Their weight in the process of formation. The decision depends on the number of shares in the company. He has financial experience. Company, its market share and potential future share. Can be divided into several groups.

1. Blue Chips

Stocks of large companies with long records of profits. Growth, annual revenue over $4 billion, large capital. And dividend payments are called sustainability blue chips.

2. Growth Stock

The shares of such a company grow rapidly; Its manager usually. Follows the principle of revenue reinvestment. Development and modernization of the company. these/. Companies rarely pay dividends if they do. Dividends are minimal as compared to other companies.

3. Income Stock

Income shares are high and. including company stock. Stable income that pays high dividends to shareholders. Shares of such companies are usually used in mutual funds. Schemes for middle aged and elderly people.

4. Protective Stock

It is a stock whose price remains stable. Markets can and do perform well during recessions. to reduce risk. When the market moves, they do the right thing. There is demand during sour and economic booms. These categories are widely spread across mutual funds. Useful to better understand the investment process

Keeping this division in mind.

Shares can be issued both domestically and abroad. If a company wants to issue its shares abroad, it can use it. American Depository Receipts (ADRs). ADRs are usually issued. The rights of American banks and shareholders are indicated. Holding shares in a foreign company under assets. Management of a bank. Each addition represents one or more stock holdings. When dealing with stocks other than the buy/sell ratio. On the plus side, you can also get quarterly dividends. They depend on: type of shares, financial condition of the company, division etc. Common shares do not guarantee the payment of dividends. A company's dividend depends on its profits and surplus cash. Dividends differ from each other as they should. With the possibility of payment in different periods. more below. When the time comes, companies don't pay dividends at all, mostly when a company has financial problems or executives make a decision. Reinvest income in business growth. Dividend is an important factor when calculating the authorized share price.

The price of a common share is determined by three main factors:

Annual dividend rate, dividend growth rate and discount. The latter rate is also called the required rate of return. A company with a high risk level is expected to be high. required rate of return. High cash flow high stock. This interdependence defines property versus value. Below we will talk about the breakdown of share prices. Estimate the dividend in three possible cases.

When buying shares other than risk and dividend. It is absolutely necessary to analyze, investigate the company. Calculate its profit/loss, balance, cash flow, distribution of profit among shareholders, salary of managers and officers etc. carefully when you are sure. You can easily buy or sell shares in all aspects of trading. if you don't know

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