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 These are the best investment options

 At this festival, you can also bring a smile to the face of yourself and the whole family by making your dream come true. how? This is what we tell you...

Often people give priority to shopping or new beginnings during the festival. But many times their dream is not fulfilled due to financial constraints. In such a situation, list your requirement,  banks offer many such offers, from which you can easily buy small and big things and take advantage of cheap EMI. Here we are giving you such information which will help you in investing:

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1. 10% cashback

Many banks have offered 10% cashback on shopping on the occasion of the festival. Some banks also have tie-ups with many online shopping websites. This cashback is available on limited products and fixed amounts only. Therefore, while shopping, definitely keeps in mind the limit, only then you will be able to take advantage of this offer.

2. Shop without money

Some banks give a golden opportunity to their customers to make purchases without any money by giving them a festive gift. According to this offer, the customer does not have to pay any money while shopping, and from the next month, EMI starts from his debit card, which the customer can pay comfortably in 6 to 18 months. So it was not an economic deal. Gradually this money will be deducted as EMI and you will not even know.

3. Take Car Payment Next Year

Many banks have also given this facility that if you want to buy a car, then take the loan now and pay its EMI from next year. At the same time, an extra rebate of  0.25-0.50 percent is also being given in the interest rate for women.

4. Bike is available at Rs.77 per day

If you have been thinking of getting a bike for many years and till now this dream has not been fulfilled, then this scheme can prove to be beneficial for you. For this you will not have to make any down payment nor will there be any processing fee. When the credit is transferred, the money will come to your account in no time. At the same time, under this scheme, a discount of up to 2 thousand will be available on the bikes and scooters of the particular company.

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5. Credit Card Benefits

Some banks are also launching such credit cards, whose EMI interest rate will be much lower and you will also get an air accident cover of Rs 4.50 crore. Also, there will be huge discounts on shopping.

Apart from this, a card has also been issued for certain credit card holders from which they will be able to avail 30% discount on all types of shopping and bill payments. For this, some annual fee will have to be paid, of which 50% will be returned. Along with this, you will also get branded gifts from the bank.

6. Reduction in loan interest rates

Giving a big gift to the customers on Diwali, many banks have reduced the interest rates of retail loans linked to repo rate from 0.25 percent to 0.10 percent, due to which all retail loans including home loans, auto loans have become cheaper. So you too can take advantage of this golden opportunity.

7. You can invest here

Most of the people spend money on the festival. They believe that Diwali means spending a lot of money. In this, they give priority to buying clothes, electronic goods, latest gadgets, and gold, while you should invest your money in such a place, which can profit you later on.

Here we are telling you about some such affordable investment options.

Lighten the burden by repaying the loan: Suppose your company has given you a substantial bonus. With this amount, you can repay the loan, which will reduce the pressure of repayment and you will be able to celebrate Diwali happily without being tension-free. It can also be called a wise investment.

Make a long-term investment: If you have been thinking of investing for a long period for a long time but have not been able to do it yet, then this is the best time to fulfill this dream. With this investment, the financial future of your family will be secure.

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Emergency Fund: Can't say anything when bad times come in today's time. In such a situation, we should prepare in advance to deal with the bad situation. So this festival you invest in an emergency fund and make your family feel financially secure.

Investing in Gold ETFs is wise: Buying ETFs can make a great investment. Anyway, in today's time, people prefer to invest in other ways than buying physical gold. By doing this you will also be able to fulfill your tradition and will also be able to strengthen the financial condition of your family.


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