Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Warning: If you received this SMS, be careful!

Warning: If you received this SMS, be careful! Otherwise, the bank account will be empty in a few minutes
Warning: If you received this SMS, be careful!
Warning: If you received this SMS, be careful!

With new types of phishing attacks, hackers are targeting banking customers in India as bankers. He is collecting sensitive information like his internet bank,  portable number, and once-secret key (OTP).

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team or CERT-IN has warned all citizens living in the country about the new scam. This admonition is about bank misrepresentation OR bank fraud. Security agencies have noted that hackers are launching new types of phishing attacks targeting customers as bankers. Hackers are using the Engrock platform for this. Phishing attacks are forcing users to access sensitive information such as their internet bank credentials, one-time passwords, phone numbers, and more.

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Explain that Engrock is a special web application. Fiscal represents a situation where fraudsters steal victims' OTPs by sending passwords, logins, and credentials to trusted organizations.

CERT- mentions that Indian banking customers are being exposed to new types of phishing attacks using the Engroc platform. Fraudsters using these phishing websites are stealing customers' sensitive information and emptying their accounts in a pinch.

Let us know how you can avoid this scam-

Security agencies have uncovered phishing attacks to steal users' sensitive information. The suggestion states that customers usually receive an SMS with ngrok.io ending with a phishing link. The SMS peruses: "Dear client, your xxx financial balance will be suspended. Please verify KYC by clicking on the link below. Click on the link." " The office has joined an example to the exhortation.  It states that fraudsters send a link that ends with ngrok.io/xxxbank. Some of these messages are sent to users. Most people click on such messages because when you receive such messages. , So you rarely check the source or pay attention to small details. It is very easy to deceive fraudsters.

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When a user clicks on the URL provided in the message and logs in to the Facebook website using their internet banking credentials, the scammer receives an OTP that is delivered to the user's phone. The reader then enters the OTP on the website, which has been caught by the hacker.

Here's how to avoid it:

Ignore messages from suspicious mobile numbers. The bank should be notified immediately of any unusual activity related to your bank account. Meanwhile, information about phishing websites or suspicious messages can also be provided at CERT-in event@cert-in.org.in.

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