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How to revive an insurance policy if it lapses

 Learn from experts how to revive an insurance policy if it lapses
How to revive an insurance policy if it lapses
How to revive an insurance policy if it lapses

Insurance plans are a better option to give financial security to your family. This is because it is an economical and safe way to get the sum assured to the family members when you are not there.

Insurance plans are a better option to give financial security to your family. This is because it is an economical and safe way to get the sum assured to the family members when you are not there. The annual premium rates of these plans are very low. But have you ever wondered what can happen to the policy if you fail to pay the premium on time? Will this cause your policy to be discontinued? We are going to answer these questions of yours in this news.

When does an insurance policy lapse?

After purchasing any type of insurance policy, the premium is paid for it every year for a certain period. If due to any reason you are not able to pay it on time, then, at that point the strategy is ended. There could be no other choice to begin it.  In such a situation, the option of buying a new policy remains. It is costlier than the old policy as it increases the age of the applicant.

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Expert Opinion

Financial planners believe that in case of lapse of the insurance policy, the policy can be revived by paying a premium along with a fixed interest. On the other hand, if you do not pay and it is a traditional policy, then it becomes a paid-up policy at the end of the lapse period. The Sum Assured is reduced in a paid-up policy. It depends on the premium paid by you. Also, the sum assured is available only on the maturity of the policy.

Know what to do in case the policy lapses

Revive the lapsed policy in this way

When you fail to pay the insurance premium, the policy is transferred to the grace period state. Under this, it becomes the responsibility of the insurance company to pay the sum assured to the beneficiary after the death of the policyholder. Generally, the insurer gives a grace period of 30 days for premiums for half-yearly and one-year terms and 15 days for monthly payments. However, this period might shift from one organization to another.  During this grace period, the policyholder can reactivate his/her insurance policy by paying the premium. For information, let us tell you that the policy is considered to lapse after the grace period is over.

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What happens when the policy lapses

If the grace period given by the insurance company expires and no premium is paid to activate it, the policy will lapse. In such a situation, the recipient won't get the aggregate guaranteed after the demise of the policyholder. 

Understand by example

If a person dies in an accident and misses the premium payment of the term plan. In such a situation, if the accident happened during the grace period, then the family members can file the claim and the insurance company will have to bear the sum assured. At the same time, if the accident happened after the lapse of the policy, then the insurance company will not pay any kind of sum assured to the family.

However, the lapsed policy is not useless at all. It can also be activated. For this, the policyholder has to go through the reinstatement process. Most companies offer the option to revive the lapsed policy. This process can prove to be a bit costly. This is because medical checkups or penalties may have to be paid in it.

The process of reviving a lapsed policy is called reinstatement. It can be availed only when the grace period is over. The reinstatement process of lapse policy differs from company to company. Also, it relies upon the time passed, product type, and insurance cost.

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LIC Jeevan Labh Policy: become a millionaire

LIC Jeevan Labh Policy: By investing Rs 17 per day you will become a millionaire
LIC Jeevan Labh Policy: become a millionaire
 LIC Jeevan Labh Policy: become a millionaire

LIC Jeevan Labh Policy comes under Non-Linked Plan

Simple Reversionary Bonus and Final Edition Bonus are available in the plan

There are many ways at present to secure yourself financially for the future. As a current venture and investment people are going towards SIP investment and mutual funds. Both of them depend on the mood of the market. On the off chance that the market is progressing nicely, then there will be profit or loss. If you want to invest and you want that you do not suffer loss and get both profit and protection, then you should go towards such a policy of LIC which is not linked to the stock market i.e. LIC's Non-Linked Plan (LIC Non-Linked Plan). Today we will enlighten you regarding a particularly non-connected arrangement,  which can make you a millionaire soon with an investment of Rs 17 per day. The name of this policy is LIC Jeevan Labh Policy.


Here are some of the special features of

The policy - Only people between the age group of 8 to 59 years can take this policy.

The development age of this strategy is 75 years.  The strategy term can be taken from 16 to 25 years. At least two lakh rupees have to be taken sum assured. There is no boundary of the highest point.

Compensation for accidental death and disability has been included in this policy.

On the off chance that you spend a premium of Rs 1,55,328 for 25 years i.e. Rs 518 i.e. Rs 17 per month, then on

The maturity you will get is about Rs 4.04 lakh with a bonus.

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Know about the benefits of the policy

- There is also limited premium payment which means the premium paying term is less than the policy term or maturity period.

- At the same time security and assured returns facilities are also available.

Loan facility available after paying a premium for three years.

Add-on riders facility in the form of Accidental Death and Disability Benefit Rider.

Expense exception under segment 80C of Income Tax on premium. 

Expense exception on development sum under segment 10(10D) of Income Tax. 

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This is how the payout is

If the policyholder dies and he has paid all the premiums without any interruption till the death, then the nominee is paid in full by adding the Sum Assured, Reversionary Bonus, and Final Addition Bonus. The special thing is that the death benefit received here should not be less than 105 percent of the total premium paid till the death of the policyholder. Where the policyholder survives the entire term and has paid all the premiums till maturity, he/she is paid the Sum Assured along with the  Reversionary Bonus, and Final Addition Bonus.

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National stock exchange-Basic

National stock exchange, Known as NSE
A market is a place where the exchange of goods and services takes place between buyer and seller, similarly, the stock exchange is a market where stock transactions (goods or services) are exchanged between two individuals.
The National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE), is a Mumbai-based stock exchange.It was incorporated in November 1992 as a tax-paying company. In April 1993, it was recognized as a stock exchange under the Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act, 1956.

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It provides facilities that serve as a model for the securities industry in terms of trading systems, practices, and procedures. It has been set up as a public limited company owned by the leading financial institutions, banks, insurance companies, and other financial intermediaries of India, but its management and ownership are separate entities. NSE is a stock exchange in India where membership on an exchange also meant ownership of the exchange and management is under the control of the Board of Directors. The day to day management of the Exchange is delegated to the Managing Director who is supported by a team of professional staff


NSE uses satellite communication technology to energies participation from around 400 cities in India

NSE the first exchange to trade ETFs(exchange-traded funds) in India

NSE can handle up to 1 million trades per day.

It is one of the largest interactive VSAT based stock exchanges in the world.

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The NSE- network is the largest private wide area network in India and the first extended C- Band VSAT network in the world.

Presently more than 9000 users are trading on the real-time-online NSE application.

In ,march 2006,NSE had a market capitalization of 4,380,774 crore

It covers more than 1500 cities across India


Futures and Options
Retail Debt Market
Wholesale Debt Market

NSE offers trading of a variety of types of securities, including equity, corporate debt, central and state government securities, commercial. NSE specializes in three market segments: wholesale debt, capital market (automated screen-based trading system), and futures and options (derivatives paper, and certificates of deposit).
Branches of NSE are located throughout the country, which gives flexibility to its member to transact from places of their own choice through online screen operation and electronic clearing and settlement. It is because of this reason NSE becomes the third-largest stock exchange in the world in terms of volume of transactions.

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Top 10 Share Brokers in India

If you are looking to compare top 10 stock brokers in India for your investment then you are in the right place & at the right time. Check the Ratings of Top 10 Share Brokers in India:
RankBroking HouseOverall Rating
1Zerodha9.14 / 10
2Angel Broking8.88 / 10
3IIFL / India Infoline8.74 / 10
4Motilal Oswal8.60 / 10
5Sharekhan8.50 / 10
6Upstox8.48 / 10
7ICICI Direct8.44 / 10
8Edelweiss8.44 / 10
9HDFC Securities8.42 / 10
105Paisa8.38 / 10

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