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What is Mediclaim?

What is Mediclaim?
What is Mediclaim?
What is Mediclaim?

Healthy living means a better life and a better chance of making money.

“Health is wealth” is a very old saying but it fits very well in today’s era. The elders say that 'health is a thousand blessings'.

The percentage of diseases has increased due to modern diet, chaotic lifestyle, and germs becoming more powerful and contagious. New infections are arising. Whose treatment costs too much.

Deposit capital is often spent on illness or accidents.

What is Mediclaim: - Mediclaim is a health insurance policy that covers accident, illness, ailment, and hospitalization.  It also covers pre- and pre-hospital admission charges up to a certain amount and day. However, the spending limit depends on the schedule of the various agencies and policies you take. Mediclaim or health insurance is a way to protect your family from excessive expenses due to illness or accident. Yes.

Because of personal awareness and awareness, life insurance is often available in every home, but probably not every family is still covered by Mediclaim. In most homes, health insurance is considered unnecessary. Due to a lack of awareness and concern about the cost of premiums, only ten percent of the billions of people currently have health insurance.

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Why Mediclaim -

 For the protection of self and family.

 Easy Cash Availability (If you have a card you do not have to pay at the respective hospital)

 15000 per annum under income tax section 80D

 Health risk cover

 When to take - Health insurance should be taken with marriage. Even before that, parents should take out an insurance plan if they have age-related risks.

Take a plan - you can take a policy keeping in mind your age, your pocket, your illness, your tax deduction, and comparing the offers of different companies.

Policy - Adopt up to three lakh policies for each person, so that the big risk can be covered. You can also take out a family floater policy with additional top-up plans.

Organizations:-   Bharti XA, ICICI Lumberyard, United India Insurance, Future General, Star Health, Apollo Munich, National Insurance, Royal Sundaram Max Bupa, etc. are active in many health insurance sectors.

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What to keep in mind - read the insurance terms yourself.

 Accept the policy as soon as you are satisfied with yourself.

The measure of the aggregate guaranteed, keep in mind that the claim should only be received.

 Study how many returns are available, what are the benefits. You can create a comparison chart if you want.

Other Benefits - Usually 5 percent to 10 percent bonus gives the company four consecutive claims for a free year

10% discount is available for four families.

 Free drawn four-year claim free health check.

Some amount of compensation

If you adopt a policy for parents, rebate IT up to Rs 15000 of premium

 Discount up to Rs 20,000 if you are a senior citizen

What is not included: - The cost of treatment of diseases you have at the time of adoption of the policy

Sickness costs within the first 30 days of starting the policy

AIDS-related diseases

Cosmetic surgery, dental surgery

Joint replacement (except accident etc.)

A few infections like such as cataracts, hernias, piles, sinusitis, etc. develop after 2 years.

What to do - before signing the policy

 Check Lifetime Renewability

If asked to pay another, they should be checked

Check if there is any ceiling in the room rent

Check to see if there is any subtraction of the operation

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 Be careful: -

 When billing at the hospital, ask your medical limit, don’t bill them further because after claiming the whole policy, the next risk cover remains incomplete or has to be full out of pocket, so get complete information about the cost.

Legal Aid: - If you are dissatisfied you can complain to the Insurance Ombudsman or the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority.

Never try to obscure health insurance.

Remember a healthy life means a better life and a better chance of making money. 

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