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The topic of money is probably more discussed than any other topic. The reason is not far-fetched. In modern business, there is no tool or vehicle other than money. There is no such market in the world where money is not required for transactions.

Because of the importance of money, many wars that have been fought and are still being fought have seen money as a factor. The marriage broke up due to lack of money. There are suicides and murders for money. Splinter groups have emerged from churches and other religious groups as someone seeks to take control of church coffers, not necessarily to establish accountability and transparency but to have unlimited access to funds. Board meetings for money have turned into cheap politics and boot licking. The list of money worries is endless.

Highlighted below are some money secrets that will help you be successful in achieving your true wealth:

1. Money Can Grow Those who have made money legitimately and in their own right, let us tell you that they started their journey to wealth with some 'peanuts' called seed capital. They are able to turn money into great wealth mainly because they know how to grow money. Jim Rohn once said that you should feel sorry for a man who is not a millionaire at heart but a million dollar heiress. Look around you today, how many people have been able to keep or increase their inherited wealth?

A business magazine once asked people to choose between ten million dollars and the one cent that was capable of doubling itself in 45 days. Several readers chose $10,000,000.00 in response to the questioner in the next publication of the magazine. It was later discovered that in 45 days the value of one cent would be over $360,000,000,000.00. The moral of the riddle is that there is no small money. Money which today we hate because of its value/size can be of great value if we put it to good use. Many have squandered away so-called loose change that could grow and enrich them over time. The capital market is a veritable arena for raising large amounts of money. There was a story about a civil servant who continuously invested in shares throughout his career in civil service. When he passed away his children inherited a whopping $625,000.00 through his shares. A wise man would have spent the money invested in stocks in chili soup joints because they were small in value but what they have become over time.

2. Money Can Flow: Money flows where there are viable ideas just as electric current flows through the path of least resistance. Someone once said that if after some time all the wealth in the world were collected and distributed equally to every person on earth, the money would be redistributed to its original owners in roughly the same proportion as the equal distribution. was before

Henry Ford (the man who made his fortune by making cheap cars for Americans) who said that if he lost all his money and business due to an accident, he would come up with another money spinner. If you know how to make money, you can turn any situation into a legitimate opportunity to make money.

When a person is poor but is blessed with talented and intelligent children, his poverty cannot be permanent because the money goes to him through his children. I can't imagine that Bill Gates' father was hungry all his life. Why? Because the money goes to his family through his whiz kid son.

Conversely, when a man prospers financially and is replaced by foolish children who refuse to learn to earn and grow and instead spend their inheritance, their father's wealth is soon history. Will go because money can be transferred.

3. Money can die: From what we have seen so far, it is clear that money can die. The killer of wealth is essentially one, and that is the sudden wealth of the rich with no mindset. A sage has said that the darkest time in a man's life is when he sits down to plan how to spend the money he has not worked for. There are many ways in which people can get instant money. Unless these 'lucky' people learn a thing or two about money, they will end up in the same financial trouble they had before they found their fortune.

4. Money responds to specific stimuli: It was mentioned earlier that money flows where ideas are present. People who have made fortunes will tell you that the number one thing money reacts to is passion for what you do. That is, earning money in a legal way. Many people are misled into believing that one can become rich only through corruption. Nothing could be further from the truth. someone who knows how to solve people's problems in a particular area and is passionate about it

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