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Remember these things before taking loan

Remember these things before taking a loan

Remember these things before taking loan
 Remember these things before taking the loan

In today's world there are so many types it's hard to say.

In today's age, the need is so great that many times borrowing - whether to build a house or to educate children and marriage became compulsory, on the other hand, banks and financial institutions also started giving easy loans if that is the case, people take loans from them if necessary. On the other hand, the necessary expenses create pressure on their financing.

In such a situation, the burden of debt gradually hardens and the feeling of drowning in debt is not felt until the water reaches the nose.

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1-Prioritize your needs to balance income and expenditure

2-Create a budget and manage resources, and find ways to get out of debt

3-Analyze the current situation and try to understand, what is the source of income and where the money is spent and where the expenditure should be deducted. If you are unable to pay it even after taking it, do not despair. Yes, these methods have been presented to deal with this situation. Will prove helpful-

4-Make a plan and follow it - usually, enough money should be kept to start paying premiums from the due date, any negligence in this regard can ruin your credit score if you are a student and you have taken a loan for education unless If you can pay due to unemployment, but contact the bank immediately if the lender really tells you about your situation, the lender will not only help you find a job but will also help you repay the loan.

5-Extend Pay Period - Discuss with bank employees and keep them informed about their current financial situation so that one can reduce EMI stress, you can find more earning options even after getting more time.

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6-Anyone can go for rescheduling - loans under a modified scheme with simple terms and conditions or more favorable terms, for example, in many cases the weak or reluctant co-applicant is allowed to replace the strong co-applicant.

7-Existing assets help - a borrower can use his property to get a mortgage and if you have shares you can get rid of the debt crisis with the help of equity. If you have a good credit background, you can benefit from lower interest rates and lower premiums

8-Try Settlement Settlement - Use your negotiation skills to reduce the burden of Settlement, you can pay a single amount in a very short time to get the total discount from the donor, but for that your decent percentage should be there. Be extra careful with written documents before paying reps

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Best 10 Reasons to Invest in Mutual Funds in 2021-2022

Reasons to Invest in Mutual Funds 
Best 10 Reasons to Invest in Mutual Funds in 2021-2022
Best 10 Reasons to Invest in Mutual Funds in 2021-2022

Anyone who follows financial news has heard of mutual funds and knows that the stock market has generally risen for more than 200 years (with various ups and downs). In fact, in many ways, the stock market has made more money for people than any other investment in the last 100 years, and it has become more reliable! If you want to save enough money, you must include stock in your investment!

However, most people who "invest" do not study the market. They don’t realize it and don’t have time to manage their portfolio intelligently. This is the place where shared assets come in.  I respect that others have other opinions, and of course not all mutual funds are well managed - you have to choose wisely and take the right precautions! But, for most people, a good, solid, boring mutual fund is the golden path to wealth.


Here are my top 10 reasons for mutual funds:

1. Selection. You can choose from thousands of funds (you will find the one that is right for your needs) and you can easily use the information about them. Magazines like "Money" are easily available. There is a lot of credit union information, and your local library is a gold mine - and so is the internet.

2. You can start small. Most mutual funds let you start with less than 1000 1000 and some will let you start with just $ 50 if you set it up for an automatic deposit. I've spent more than this in restaurants! There is no reason not to consider it!

3. Simplicity. You save 10% of your income each month. Pay yourself first, then pay the mortgage, then pay everyone else.

4. Professional management. II don't generally have the opportunity to explore, select and monitor personal stock. So, I pay a small fee to a professional to do it. A decent asset supervisor will make you rich!

5. Compound interest. Which indicator you choose depends on the United States. The stock market has grown at an annual rate of more than 12% over the last 10 years and has remained in the same position for almost 20 years. The market has its good and bad times, but the good news is that you don't care! In 10, 20, or 30 years, the system always works!

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6. Dollar costs average. The details are complex, but investing every month, up or down the market, gives you a tremendous incentive to math. Your "average cost" will always be lower than the "average price" you paid! And that money is in your pocket!

7. Diversity. A broad-based development fund usually invests in dozens of companies in different industries, sometimes in different countries of the world. If one stock goes down, expect dozens more to go up. These funds have excellent security and sound risk management.

8. Skills. If you like, and if you do research, there are some funds that invest in very few companies. If you can take the extra risk, you can put resources into a specific industry, or in a country, or in a company of a certain size, or then again be liable for the climate.  This skill offers the potential for greater profit, but it can also lead to more potential risks. Study before investing!

9. Fund "family". Most are offered by mutual fund management firms that sponsor different funds for different purposes. They make it easy to move your money into funds, so you can make quick phone calls or adjust your investment over the Internet as your goals change.

10. Speed ​​Once you start, your excitement increments. . At the point when you have cash "keeping watch", you will track it, manage it, and in all likelihood increase your desire to save. On the off chance that you experience difficulty saving before ..get started! That monthly statement will be a positive reminder to do more.

VIEW THISWarning: If you received this SMS, be careful!

Yes, you should first invest in tax-dependent retirement plans, and yes, there are different potential outcomes to contribute. And yes, there are some risks, since the market could go down. But for the rich to retire, choose a great, long-haul improvement reserve, invest regularly, and let the system work for you! The key, as always, is to get started!

Here is your success!

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Warning: If you received this SMS, be careful!

Warning: If you received this SMS, be careful! Otherwise, the bank account will be empty in a few minutes
Warning: If you received this SMS, be careful!
Warning: If you received this SMS, be careful!

With new types of phishing attacks, hackers are targeting banking customers in India as bankers. He is collecting sensitive information like his internet bank,  portable number, and once-secret key (OTP).

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team or CERT-IN has warned all citizens living in the country about the new scam. This admonition is about bank misrepresentation OR bank fraud. Security agencies have noted that hackers are launching new types of phishing attacks targeting customers as bankers. Hackers are using the Engrock platform for this. Phishing attacks are forcing users to access sensitive information such as their internet bank credentials, one-time passwords, phone numbers, and more.

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Explain that Engrock is a special web application. Fiscal represents a situation where fraudsters steal victims' OTPs by sending passwords, logins, and credentials to trusted organizations.

CERT- mentions that Indian banking customers are being exposed to new types of phishing attacks using the Engroc platform. Fraudsters using these phishing websites are stealing customers' sensitive information and emptying their accounts in a pinch.

Let us know how you can avoid this scam-

Security agencies have uncovered phishing attacks to steal users' sensitive information. The suggestion states that customers usually receive an SMS with ending with a phishing link. The SMS peruses: "Dear client, your xxx financial balance will be suspended. Please verify KYC by clicking on the link below. Click on the link." " The office has joined an example to the exhortation.  It states that fraudsters send a link that ends with Some of these messages are sent to users. Most people click on such messages because when you receive such messages. , So you rarely check the source or pay attention to small details. It is very easy to deceive fraudsters.

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When a user clicks on the URL provided in the message and logs in to the Facebook website using their internet banking credentials, the scammer receives an OTP that is delivered to the user's phone. The reader then enters the OTP on the website, which has been caught by the hacker.

Here's how to avoid it:

Ignore messages from suspicious mobile numbers. The bank should be notified immediately of any unusual activity related to your bank account. Meanwhile, information about phishing websites or suspicious messages can also be provided at CERT-in

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Best medium duration funds to invest in debt securities

 You can choose all these medium duration funds to invest in debt securities
Best medium duration funds to invest in debt securities
Best medium duration funds to invest in debt securities

There are many types of funds available for investment in debt securities. You can think of a medium-duration fund for investing in debt securities for one to three years. It can be seen as an alternative to bank deposits. Let's take a look at the whole dozen funds in the market. Their Crisil rating will also be mentioned in the discussion. Note that the lower the Crisil rating, the better. Rating 1 to 5. 1 is the best. 2 is also very good.

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Crisil rating of IDFC Bond Fund is 5. Its growth rate in the last six years is 1.53 percent.

Crisil rating of Sundaram Medium Term Bond Fund is 4. Its growth rate in the last six years is 0.69 percent.

Crisil rating of SBI Magnum Medium Term Bond Fund is 4. Its growth rate in the last six years is 2.79 percent.

Crisil rating of DSP Bond Fund is 3. Its growth rate in the last six years is 1.73 percent.


Crisil rating of HDFC Medium Term Debt Fund is 3. Its growth rate in the last six years is 3.13 percent.

Crisil rating of Axis Strategic Bond Fund is 3. Its growth rate in the last six years is 3.17 percent.

Crisil rating of ICICI Prudential Medium Term Bond Fund is 3. Its growth rate in the last six years is 3.32 percent.

Crisil rating of Kotak Medium Term Fund is 3. Its growth rate in the last six years is 2.49 percent.

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Keep an eye on the Market for earning in leisure life

 There can be a long life, keep an eye on the market for earning even in leisure life
Keep an eye on the Market for earning in leisure life
Keep an eye on the Market for earning in leisure life

Remember, you are going to retire after 2 years. He has worked for his entire life,  he has also thought about how to spend his time after retirement. What you haven't thought about yet and still haven't fully understood is the potential for longevity. Yes, the average person lives longer at this age, and life expectancy is generally increasing with the advancement of medicine. However, nobody ought to have any protest in such a manner.  

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We wish you a long and sound life. 

The trouble isn't there.  The problem is when you ruin your retirement savings over this long life. In other words, this free time in the next chapter is so long that your capital and savings are exhausted. Understand what I mean. Retirees should have enough time and willingness to invest in retirement. In short, it shouldn't surrender so without any problem.  You must be more prejudicial in the help you give to others. It resembles thinking profoundly because many people think the idea of ​​austerity is growing as they face retirement. Um sure, yes I know it, why is it already known in the so-called 'Golden Years'.

It should not be forgotten that if we look at the overall situation in our country as well as in the world, the expenditure in the health sector is very high. In the event that you go to a private emergency clinic,  you will quickly understand that there is no need to read the Covid-context in the newspaper differently. 

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The treatment has suffered forever in terms of cost. Well, not only are the prices of surgeries or medicines rising, but health insurance is also demanding hefty premiums these days. And it's not unusual for prices to rise in that area. Simply put, you have to allocate more for it.

This is just one aspect. On the other hand, to live longer means to increase household spending according to the normal rules of inflation. Want to buy oil-soap, rice-salt, right? The wheel of the world will not stop because you are retired, life will go at its own speed.

In many cases, people live comfortably for ten to twenty years after retirement from work. One must be careful at this time - there is no substitute for spending years of leisure in a healthy, healthy body. However, it should never be separated from the market. To be successful in Affiliate Business you need more than Luck To be successful in Affiliate Business you need more than Luck. A combination of both is desirable in the life of a retired person.

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Know the profit or loss if you want to stop your insurance

 Bought life insurance for savings, don't want to run? Know the amount of profit or loss
Know the profit or loss if you want to stop your insurance
Know the profit or loss if you want to stop your insurance

At the age of 55, Babu bought life insurance for 12 years for Rs 6 lakh. Premium on quarterly Rs 19,000 after retirement. After retirement, he calculated that he would have to pay a premium of Tk 6 lakh 7 thousand. Since the endowment will be added to the bonus and part of the profit. So when the savings decreased after retirement, he did this insurance with the idea of ​​making up for those savings again. The question is whether it was right as a saving strategy. That has become hot. What is the road in front of him now?

His argument, however, was one. After retirement, everybody's pay diminishes.  Very few people have the opportunity to continue working in the alliance. Still, the idea to proceed.  But this premium started to feel quite heavy in Mr. Babu's pocket. Despite the fact that it was troublesome,  he continued. Six years, but can not pull. Think again thinking so many days have given so much money as premium. He thought of this insurance as an opportunity for savings and insurance. He still wants to look that way but can't pull the premium anymore. What to do?

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Babu has two options open to him: a) Surrender of insurance, b) View insurance premium as paid up.

We should see the contrast between the two.

A) Various aspects of insurance surrender

You can no longer afford insurance. Or he calculated and bought insurance by keeping savings and insurance together. But now if you look at these two separately, his income will be more. Babu can therefore surrender the insurance. He can get back a part of the premium he paid. But not the whole. Depending on the different policies and insurance companies, this is essential for your discount. However, if you are below 3 years, you are less likely to get some money back. The figure is usually as follows:

30 percent of the premium paid after 3 years.

50 percent of the premium paid for 5 to 6 years.

75 percent after 6 years.

90 percent two years before Machiavelli.

How he thinks of this figure will depend on him. There is another way open in his hands. He wants to save money, he also wants the benefit of insurance, but he does not want to get new insurance. Not even the term. Want to save money again. Then it is better for him to pay the insurance.

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B) The amount of paid-up

The first three to five years are a strange time in the case of insurance. If you stop paying the premium within this period after starting, nothing will be refunded. So let's assume that Babu has crossed the five-year limit. This time he paid up. In this case, just stop paying the premium is enough. In case of surrender, however, the insurance agency must be educated.  Then the company will calculate how much money you can get back in accordance with the terms of the policy and deposit that money into your account. On account of a settled-up strategy,  since the sum insured is involved, it is important to calculate how much your sum assured will stand. The figure is calculated as follows:

Modified Sum Assured = Initial Sum Assured X (how many years premium paid / how many years due

Let's take the example of Abhishek Babu. He bought a policy worth Rs 6 lakh for 12 years. But want to stop premium with 6 years premium. His Sam-Assured will stand-

600000X (6/12) = 4 lakhs.

Keep in mind this figure is just for your guess. In any case the 12 years,  you can also get the bonus and part of the profit. Yet, it will rely upon the particulars of your strategy. Keep in mind that Babu has invested a quarterly premium of Tk 19,000, but he has invested Tk 4,056,000 on this insurance! So no matter how much he gets in the form of bonuses and profits, if he calculates inflation in any way, this money will not even come close to the profit that would have been made if he had invested in another way.

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CYBER INSURANCE: You have to do digital banking, thieves also take chances-GET YOUR CYBER INSURANCE

 You have to do digital banking, thieves also take chances, do you know that insurance has come to save?
CYBER INSURANCE: You have to do digital banking, thieves also take chances-GET YOUR CYBER INSURANCE
CYBER INSURANCE: You have to do digital banking, thieves also take chances-GET YOUR CYBER INSURANCE

Over the last few years, various thieves have been working on your money through the gaps of online banking. The Jamtara place became famous as the place of these thieves. Even in the web series. So many people like to trade by check. But the danger is not less in that way. A survey by cybersecurity firm Norton Lifelock found that 80 percent of those surveyed were victims of cyber thieves in one way or another. The number of thefts by forging checks is not less. On it is the signature non-matching happiness.

In the Indian market, therefore, insurance has now come to avoid the risk of such theft. It will take only 315 rupees a year to buy insurance of one lakh rupees.

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Stealing money is not the only risk. Doing Facebook on mobile from morning till night, your own data is being taken. So if the criminals do something, you are in danger. But there is a cost when it comes to police, and he is being forced to admit many crimes for fear of it. This new insurance will also protect you from all those troubles.

How much premium?

A) Insurance of Rs. 50,000 at a premium of Rs. 183

B) Coverage of 1 lakh rupees at 312 rupees

C) Coverage of Rs. 2 lakhs at Rs. 561

You can buy this insurance for up to one crore rupees. The premium calculation is of course approximate.

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What are the reasons?

This insurance can be your shield if you have to pay for all online transactions, charge or Mastercard installments, VIM or UPI, phishing, adaptable wallet trades. However, you have to claim the money within 90 days of the loss.

This insurance is not only applicable in that country. Even if you lose money online while traveling abroad, you can still claim insurance money.

Which Health Insurance you should buy?

 Buying health insurance? What did you buy? An indemnity or fixed benefit?
Which Health Insurance you should buy?
Which Health Insurance you should buy?

In the early days of Covid, there was always a news headline in the newspaper or on television. And that is the cry of many families under the pressure of just paying for PPE despite having health insurance. And behind this, of course, is the bad habit of not looking at our various risks when buying insurance. Panicked? No, no. There is nothing to get stress over. Indeed, concerning purchasing confirmation, we started with the gift,  then we forgot that there are a lot of issues in the insurance market now. For example, health insurance. 

Everyone says buy one, and you buy too. He did not even think for a moment about his own needs. If you are sick, paying the hospital bill is not your only problem! Well, suppose you get so sick that maybe for a while it puts a strain on your income as well. What to do then? Or think about the cost of treatment. But he did not think of the thousand that he had with him. However, when he entered the medical clinic, he realized that the pressure of medical expenses is not the last pressure. A lot of your money is being wasted on the comings and goings of the people of the house. Then?

In fact, not just clinical protection,  but also the incidental costs before buying all the insurance and how to handle it. And here comes the issue of indemnity and fixed benefit insurance.

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Fixed benefit plan

The amount of profit known by name is fixed in advance. This insurance has to be purchased to meet the retail expenses of the hospital, to cover the danger of a mishap, or to cover the external costs of a particular critical illness. You don't need a paper-like health insurance to get money for this insurance. This demand can be met only on the basis of a certificate from the doctor or the concerned officer. The money comes in handy, so there is no pressure.

Now imagine buying health insurance. The irritation activity is.  With the hospital bill came another long bill that you had to pay out of your own pocket. And he is also worth millions of rupees. What to do? Or back home from the hospital, the need is a long recovery process. Even if you get something for this, your medical coverage won't take care of this expense. 

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 To cover this cost you need to buy a ‘Fixed Benefit Plan’ with health insurance.

Indemnity based health insurance plan

When you bought health insurance, nobody disclosed the distinction to you. The health insurance you are buying is actually an indemnity. No matter how much money you buy insurance, this insurance will not pay you a penny beyond the cost of insurance! And that's up to you. And this insurance will not cover all the expenses of your hospital. Costs such as surgical gloves or PPE.

Insurance is now available in the insurance market to cover almost all your risks. And many of these shots are within our control. Because we do not know but in the face of danger we become helpless. And when someone says, "Hey, this should have been done with insurance." But then, at that point, we must choose the option to chomp our hands. So think, ask questions, then buy insurance. And learn the language of insurance. In any case, it's anything but a truly challenging undertaking.

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Life risk means not only death but insurance also includes other risk premiums; Learn how

You want to ensure to avoid life risks. Talked to everyone. Because there are different types of insurance available in the market now. Stressed over which one to purchase.  The insurance agent has come to you. You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? But do not understand what to do. Is that so?

So think first about the risk of life. Protection yet not investment funds.  Be that as it may, prior to purchasing protection, chant it like a mantra! This is how your thinking can go. One of the risks of life is sudden death. So avoid buying life insurance. Now think, is the risk of life only death? But you are measuring the risk financially. You additionally need to remember this. You are reading the paper every day, you can't get out of bed after being hit by a motorbike or a bus on the road. Many additionally became fruitless. Then? That too is a risk to life. Isn't it? Then the thought of earning will also become bigger.

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Think of the state of your family in your absence. Insured ordinary life. That has to be done. In your absence, your family got the money in one go. But if that is the case, then the monthly income of the family is also arranged in exchange for a little more money. It was a relief for a family. Isn't it? So before buying insurance, think about your needs. And combine that demand with the provision of financial resources at the risk of wider lives. Buy some more ‘riders’ or different risk management measures in the same insurance. Here are two examples of riders:

Rider not to pay a premium in case of infirmity

Many people have accidents that make them helpless. In such a situation, it becomes difficult to pay the insurance premium. Then there is the advantage of buying this rider. If you have this rider then you don't have to pay the rest of the premium. At the same time, all the conditions that you have bought to meet the conditions of insurance will remain in force.

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Accidental death

Many ask why buy this rider? If I die, I will get money. That's right. But many do not realize that there is a financial difference between normal death and accidental death. It sounds bad, yet, on the off chance that you bite the dust in a mishap,  the financial risk of the family increases a lot. Not only the cost of the hospital but also the cost of the place, without going into which it can be said that if this rider can be bought with insurance at a little extra cost, then with the money usually available, there is more that can be used for the family.

There are also some riders who get compensation for hand or foot or any limb damage for any reason which helps tremendously during rehabilitation. So when buying insurance, keep in mind the possibility of buying this rider.

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Opportunity to earn monthly

There are some riders or whole policies that provide long-term monthly income to your family without paying a penny in your absence. Many people think that it is better to look for this kind of rider when buying a policy. Think about it, on the off chance that you have a truckload of cash close by, there is a strong possibility that it will fly away in times of danger. And in the long run, the family is much more likely to sit on the road. So if you have this kind of rider or policy with you, you can find a great deal of harmony in the psyche.

In fact, the key is to not only consider the risk of life in terms of death but also think of its various possibilities. And afterward, decide to buy security. That is the benefit.

How to Build Best Insurance Portfolio?

Step by step way of building insurance portfolio
How to Build Best Insurance Portfolio?
How to Build Best Insurance Portfolio? 

Creating an insurance portfolio requires perfect planning and an overall sense of self-need. The risk to everyone's life is not the same, because each of us has different assets and responsibilities.

The insurance portfolio should be built in such a way that in case of any untoward incident, the gaps in your financial position can be filled with insurance and the goals do not have to change. What should be possible? How about we investigate. 

Know your needs

The first step in building an insurance portfolio is to create a 360 degree or overall idea about your needs. It's a lot like creating a grocery store budget. You can avoid going to the market again and again only if you know what you need. The equivalent goes for purchasing protection. 

Most people's needs are of two types - life insurance and general insurance. If life insurance is needed you can buy a pure term plan, which will pay your nominee a lump sum if you die within the term of the policy; Otherwise, you can buy insurance products that offer protection and investment opportunities at the same time. General insurance, on the other hand, can provide you with compensation for damage to your home, car, health, and other assets. Simply put, your insurance portfolio should be a combination of life insurance and general insurance plans.

Adjust the amount needed

Once the overall idea about the needs is formed, the next step is to fix the number of needs. This means how much insurance you want as coverage, be it extra security or general protection. When settling on extra security inclusion, you need to take into account your family's current expenses and future goals. On account of general protection, calculate how much you may have to pay out of pocket for assets in the event of an accident.

For example, on the off chance that an actual sickness happens,  find out the cost of hospitalization and get coverage accordingly. As the expense of treatment increments, a top-up plan should be taken with the coverage that adds some more insurance coverage to the original policy.

Similarly, in the event that you have a superbike or a costly four-wheeler,  it will be more expensive to fix the issue. So you will need a policy with more coverage so that the amount you have to pay out of your own pocket is less.


Understand insurance projects

There are many insurance schemes in the market. Each has a different structure and each meets a different need. Need to a develop a strong portfolio, it is important to have a thorough idea of ​​the purpose of the products and how they work.

The primary goal of such a health insurance plan is to provide money for hospital treatment, and home insurance covers the financial loss that occurs if the home is damaged. Although in the end, the goal of both is to provide financial assistance, the circumstances under which these policies benefit are quite different. Therefore, before buying a policy, find out under what circumstances you will get the benefit of the policy.

Review every few days

The need changes over time. For example, if you have your own family after marriage, your insurance requirement will be completely different than unmarried status. So it is important to review the need for interval insurance and change it as needed.

It will also be possible to fill in the gaps in your current portfolio by reviewing every few days. You can either add new products to the portfolio or discard the ones you don't need anymore. This urgent practice, however, can bridge the gap between what you really need and what you lack. And it can cover the cost of risk management.

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Insurance is an essential part of your financial situation or personal finance. With the right project and adequate coverage, you can overcome any crisis effortlessly.

How to Buy The Insurance Plan, know what the insurance company has to do ?

Bought insurance, but do you know what an insurance company has to do before bringing it to market?
How to Buy The Insurance Plan, know what the insurance company has to do ?
How to Buy The Insurance Plan, know what the insurance company has to do?

Insurance is for managing risk. And the risk of life remains the same. Could we still think of the extreme two years ago today? What about the need for insurance to cover the huge cost of his treatment? But as soon as this risk came into our life, Kovid Kavach came to the market realizing its need.
In fact, the risk of life changes over time. The demand for new insurance is also created in the market. And in line with that, insurance companies also come to the market with new projects. Keeping your business profitable by keeping these projects relevant is not a straightforward task. This includes complex numerical calculations and, of course, obtaining the approval of the insurance regulator before they are released into the market.

This is the initial phase in making the task. 

 Before planning an insurance project, companies study the market in detail to understand the needs and shortcomings of the buyer. Different levels of surveys are run. The answers to the following questions are collected:

What products and offers are already available

What are the expectations of the buyers towards the new offer and how can they be fulfilled

Competing companies are offering similar products

How big is the market for new offers in terms of revenue and profit

Can this product change the pace of the market? If so, what impact will it have on buyers and the insurance industry?

Insurance is also a product to keep in mind. What's more, similar to any remaining items, its ultimate goal is to meet the needs of buyers. It’s true that if a project can touch buyer’s problem areas, it’s easier to sell. With the help of the information found in the survey, a project is created in such a way that it can meet the needs of the people.

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Market survey

This is the next step in creating an insurance plan. Insurance companies identify the various risks associated with projects. Again, while a project may be profitable for a number of people, it may not be useful for the association.   It is also necessary to review whether the project will survive. Wrapping up a plan hurts the feelings of the buyer or damages the insurance company's brand image. So comprehend.  Moreover, it takes a lot of time, labor, furthermore, cash to make new ventures. As a result, on the off chance that the venture isn't practical, its impact ultimately falls on revenue.

Price fixing

Once the risks of the product are understood, it is time to fix the price. This is one of the challenges that insurance companies face. In other businesses, the price of the product is determined based on the price of the material and the amount of profit. But when the insurance company first sells a project, its genuine cost isn't known. 

The actual price is known when all the claims of the policyholders are settled. So insurance companies estimate future risk trends based on historical data and set premiums and project prices. Nowadays, companies use advanced analytical techniques to calculate what might happen, furthermore, to decide the valuing technique.

Apply for IRDAI approval

Before launching any insurance product in the market by arranging the strategy, one has to apply for the approval of the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India.

Keep in mind that this application has to be done in a specific format, in which everything related to the product needs to be explained.

From the general description to the characteristics of the project, for whom it is made, the way of delivery — everything has to be written in detail in this application. The regulator approves a project only if all criteria are met. After the approval of IRDAI, the marketing department of the insurance companies named the market to sell the project.

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Creating an insurance scheme is a complex process. There are a lot of internal and external issues that insurance companies have to think about before creating new projects and bringing them to market. External issues include digital supply, when, where, where insurance services will be available, etc. Internal issues include increased profits and the creation of a variety of supply routes.

Economic Thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi

Thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi
Economic Thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi
 Economic Thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi

The progress and development of any country depend on how much progress that country is making economically and industrially.

The progress and development of any country depend on how much progress that country is making economically and industrially. I am not well aware of their activities.

Mahatma Gandhi was a thinker of a high order. The world-famous scientist Albert Einstein is of the opinion about him that – “We are very fortunate and we should be grateful that God has given us such a shining contemporary man – he will serve as a beacon of light for future generations too.”

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Need to Rustic Development

Mahatma Gandhi expected to believe India to be autonomous. He believed that the soul of India resides in the villages, so his view was that 'village development is the primary requirement to take India on the path of development. Keeping this in mind, he gave top priority to the rural economy. In his view, the premise of this economy was 'upliftment of rustic life.  That is why, Gandhiji gave importance not to big industries, but to small industries (cottage industries), such as spinning yarn by charkha, weaving and processing flour, slicing rice and distributing rope, etc.

In 'Hind Swaraj' he has strongly condemned the huge industries and mechanization. He did not consider the spinning wheel as a symbol of arrogance, but a symbol of the prestige of labor. It is necessary to create 'concentration of mind' in spinning the yarn on the spinning wheel. In the year 1923, he additionally established the 'All India Village Industries Association', whose basic objective was to upgrade domestic and rural industries.

Doctrine of Trusteeship

Gandhiji was not an economist by education, but he's thinking in this subject too is revolutionary. He said that to collect more than one's requirement means 'theft'. According to him, financial matters is an ethical science – "The motivation behind acquiring a man isn't just to get common joys, but to develop his moral and spiritual. " That is the explanation he maintained the character of mollifying use.

He introduced the idea of ​​'trusteeship' for economic equality and curbing the indulgent ambitions of the capitalists. He believed that the capitalist was merely a trustee or custodian of social property. In fact, Gandhi's economic thought is 'socialism founded on moral ideals' or Ram Rajya.

Gandhiji believed that every citizen should earn his livelihood through physical exertion. He also taught 'physical labor' for intellectuals. Gandhiji called this thing 'the labor of bread'.


Basic Education Plan

Gandhiji's approach to education was truly vocational. He was in favor of 'basic training'. He was of the opinion that in a poor country like India, learners should earn some money along with getting an education so that they can become self-reliant. For this purpose, he had prepared the 'Bardha-Shiksha-Plan'. With a view to making education profitable and cost-effective, in the year 1936, he founded the 'Indian Education Association'.

Gandhiji's revolutionary thinking is still meaningful and exemplary. Based on their reasoning, solutions to many problems can be presented. We have no objection in saying that the life-philosophy of Gandhiji which has become available to the countrymen regarding the economic-industrial system of India, will always be useful.

The list of rich players, only Virat got the place in the Indian player

The list of rich players, only Virat got the place in the Indian player
The list of rich players, only Virat got the place in the Indian player
The list of rich players, only Virat got the place in the Indian player

The world's famous magazine Forbes has released the list of rich players of the year 2020. In which for the second sequential year, Indian cricketer Virat Kohli has made his place among the highest-paid players. While tennis legend Roger Federer has secured the first position in this list. Virat's total annual earnings are $ 26 million i.e. 196 crores. The Indian cricket captain has been ranked 66th in the magazine's list of 100 richest players, while he was at the 100th position in the past.

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 List of top 10 players in the magazine

1. Roger Federer (tennis): $106.3 million

2. Cristiano Ronaldo (football): $105 million

3. Lionel Messi (Football): $104 million

4. Neymar (football): $95.5 million

5. LeBron James (basketball): $88.2 million

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6. Stephen Curry (basketball): $74.4 million

7. Kevin Durant (basketball): $63.9 million

8. Tiger Woods (golf): $62.3 million

9. Kirk Cousins ​​(football): $60.5 million

10. Carson Wentz (football): $59.1 million

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On the basis of these places in the list

Forbes has released this list on the basis of prize money, salary, bonus, advertisement, royalty among other things received by the players from 1 June 2019 to 1 June 2020.

Know- what kind of problems are still happening after 4 year of GST

 4 years of GST, know- what kind of problems are still happening to traders, revealed in the survey
Know- what kind of problems are still happening after 4 year of GST
Know- what kind of problems are still happening after 4 year of GST

Today is the fourth year of the biggest tax reform GST (Goods and Services Tax) implemented by the Modi government. The tax reform by the Modi government at the Center changed many of the taxes levied by the Central and State Governments into 'single tax' GST, which currently has four slabs, 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28% for various businesses.

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Regular hassles and technical glitches in the implementation of GST have led to dissatisfaction among businessmen, which has resulted in problems among the people due to many intricacies of tax reforms.

In a survey conducted by Local Circle in 18,000 businesses spread across 171 districts of India, 28% of respondents expressed dissatisfaction with the tax system, while 43% said they were happy. The main reason for dissatisfaction is spending more time on GST compliance vs. pre-GST taxation and most people are having trouble understanding, logging, furthermore, submitting data on the GSTN site.

Compared to pre-GST, 64% of businesses say their monthly accounting costs have increased after GST while 57% of businesses also say that invoice matching between input and output is their first issue with GST.

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The survey also found that 13% of businesses experienced "refund delay". The other 13%, however, issues of "separate list need for each separate state". 5% had a problem with "TCS and TDS". 12% of businesses had no opinion. The survey received 3,004 responses to this question. Invoice matching is an area where a business is matching its output invoices and applying for input tax credit payable.

Meanwhile, many businesses have raised the issue of dependence on suppliers, whose delay in GST compliance affects the compliance of the entire supply chain. Over the last four years, many small businesses have also raised the structural issue of paying GST for their customer invoices, while it takes customers 3-6 months to pay the invoices to large companies or government bodies in many cases. . This leads to a cash crunch for small traders.


How much money you can withdraw from Post Office Savings Scheme

 Post Office Savings Scheme: Change the rules of the Post Office Savings Scheme, find out how much money you can withdraw now
How much money you can withdraw from Post Office Savings Scheme
How much money you can withdraw from Post Office Savings Scheme

There is good news for those who have an account at the post office. India Post has increased the withdrawal limit for its subscribers. With this change, India Post can compete with the rest of the banks and their savings planning schemes. Under the new rules of India Post, account holders can now withdraw up to Rs 20,000 a day at the Grameen Postal Service branch. Earlier, the withdrawal limit was Rs 50,000. India Post has said in its new guidelines that no branch or postmaster will accept cash deposits of more than Rs 50,000 a day. This means more than Rs 50,000 in cash can be transacted in one day.

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According to the new rules of India Post, it will be deposited or withdrawn through Public Provident Fund, Senior Citizen Savings Scheme, Monthly Income Scheme, Kisan Bikash Patra, National Check.

There will be a fine for keeping less than Rs 500

Explain that 4% interest is paid on Post Office Savings Scheme. Account-holders should know that they need to keep a minimum of Rs.500 in their Post Office Savings Scheme account. However, if the balance is less than Rs.500 / -, Rs.100 / - will be deducted as an account maintenance penalty.

List of Post Office Savings Schemes

5-year post office recurring deposit account

Post Office Fixed Deposit Account

Post Office Monthly Income Scheme Account

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Senior Citizen Savings Scheme

15 years Public Provident Fund Account

Sukanya Samrudhi account

National Savings Certificate

Kisan Bikash Patra

Interest rates are available on post office savings schemes

Post Office Savings Account: 4%

1 year TD account: 5.5%

2 year TD account: 5.5%

5 year TD account: 6.7%

5 year RD: 5.8%

Senior Citizen Savings Scheme: 7.4%

PPF: 7.1%

Kisan Bikash Patra: 9.9%

Sukanya Samridhi Account: 7.6%

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Post Office Time Deposit Scheme offers interest up to 5.5%

Post Office Time Deposit Scheme offers interest up to 5.5% Also, that amount stays safe.
Post Office Time Deposit Scheme offers interest up to 5.5%
Post Office Time Deposit Scheme offers interest up to 5.5%

Post Office Savings Scheme: It is beneficial to invest in this post office scheme, the money will be doubled

Post Office Savings Scheme: There are many options for investing money today. However, investing is not easy. Sometimes investing without knowledge leads to losses. However, banks, insurance, and post offices are the best options for investing. 

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Where money is kept safe. Great interest is accessible. In case you are additionally considering contributing. Assuming they need cash to be protected, then, at that point mailing station is a decent alternative. Today we will educate you regarding some mailing station saving plans. Where your cash will be twofold.

1. Post Office Time Deposit

The post office time deposit scheme carries an interest rate of up to 5.5 percent. Post Office is offering 6.7% interest on 5 years investment in this scheme. By putting away cash at this loan cost, the cash will twofold in around 10 years.

2. Post Office Savings Account

Up to 4 percent interest is available on Post Office Savings Accounts. It will take a little longer to double the money if you invest in it.

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3. Post Office Recurring Deposit

At present, the interest of 5.8 percent is available on post office recurring deposits. In the event that you put resources into this plan, the sum will twofold in 12 years

4. Post Office Monthly Income Scheme

The post office monthly income scheme offers 6.6 percent interest.

5. Post Office Senior Citizen Savings Scheme

This is a good scheme for post office seniors. The scheme is offering 7.4 percent interest.

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6. Post Office Public Provident Fund

Post Office Public Provident Fund is getting 7.1 percent interest. Contributing going on like this will twofold the cash in around ten years.


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